our mission

We each have a unique passion. Over the past few years, Chris and I have put a lot of thought into this ideal. We’ve come to find that our surroundings, along with the people in those surroundings, are enormously influential in stimulating our motivation.

I looked hard and thought long about where to move for grad school. I wanted to go somewhere that I felt creatively supported and stimulated. I spent one night in Milwaukee and was amazed at the movement of this city; a combination of uniquely beautiful people, each carrying their own momentum, consistently inspired by each other and their surroundings. I know so many cities carry this energy; each refined within the borders of their city limits. Chris consistently looks to branch from his home of Green Bay, but is drawn in by its passionate inhabitants (Go Pack Go). We had the thought, what if we could create this type of energy, everywhere? Chris and I began a 65-day road trip to find exactly these cities; to explore the energy within them and to maybe bridge the gap between them. We were amazed at what we discovered, and Take Today was born. We set out to create something supportive, sustainable, and connective. 

Each of these cities had one thing in common: A community of unique individuals passionate about something specific in their lives, despite any barriers or difficulties. Take Today is our mission to move these smaller collections of individuals into something larger, to something readily accessible to anyone, anywhere. Here you will find a constructive community of passionate individuals alongside collections of conscious clothing; clothing we can feel good about choosing to wear each and every day.

We are thrilled to present to you, Take Today, and the Take Today Community.

take today,