Carpe Diem

Yes, I know it’s a long post, but if you trust me and give me your undivided attention for eight minutes, I, Bryce Liebe, promise you, reader, that this story is worthwhile. I didn’t spend hours for nothing to write this. I believe in this story. You will not only have a new, and more positive outlook on life, but you will also have a new vision on where you want to be. Above all, through this posting, I want to show you how special you are.

I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing one of the founders, Jenner, for roughly five years. I met him though one of two leadership camps, RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) which we both counsel at. If you have ever watched the movie “The Parent Trap”, this camp is as if you’re living in it. There are the traditional small cabins with bunk beds, the lunch café with long picnic tables where we eat Sloppy Joes, and the lake to swim in. This leadership camp is all about bettering high school students as humans, and learning to release the best leader they have within them. Jenner and I have also had the opportunity to be campers at these two leadership camps as well.

Through this camp (that is literally one weekend), these kids will learn more about themselves than they might ever imagine. You probably think I’m crazy for saying that, but it’s just one of those camps where you must be a part of to it in order to fully understand. In reality, the main reason why we go back each year to counsel; to selfishly relive that feeling every year with the hope of transferring the feeling to others as well. I have never been in a more welcoming climate of people who genuinely accept you no matter what; the color of your skin, where you come from, the passions you carry, are all celebrated. This camp allows me to entirely be, me.

I think it’s hard sometimes to be ourselves in this world, there’s a lot going on. Today, social media has a huge influence on our actions, and the paths we decide to take every day. Sometimes, that path may not be for the better. We know that when there’s a fork in the road, many times we have to choose between pleasing ourselves and pleasing those around us instead. Growing up, I’ve become conditioned to be there for others with everything I’ve got to make sure they are okay and happy. If someone is in a tough position, I will do everything in my power to help, no questions asked. Often, I have been taken advantage of, where people only want me for the side they know will be there for them. Once they get what they’ve needed, there’s no further interaction. It’s taught me a lot about myself and about others, and is a big part of how I personally view Take Today.

Which leads me to Take Today. I believe we don’t give enough time for ourselves. I believe that we either let others, or the media, influence our decisions; we go through the motions, watch Netflix, look at the news feed, and make decisions based on the expectations of others.

Is that really how you want to Take Today?

Take time today for yourself. Sometimes, it IS okay to be a little selfish. Put that phone down, and focus strictly on yourself. Get independent, explore new options, and step outside of your comfort zone. To me, Take Today relates to “Carpe Diem” on so many levels. Open the gates, and SIEZE THE DAY. Do not be afraid because why wait? God gave us one life to live on this planet, and you’re currently living in it right now. Some of you might be a fourth done already. Maybe a third done, or maybe even over half done with your life on this planet. Look up from the screen and just let that sink in before continuing.

As Neil (the man with the cute golden retriever) said in his story, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Today, on the other hand, is. Don’t waste your amazing life on checking Instagram likes, refreshing the page to see if there is anything new after you literally just looked at it five minutes ago, seeing if anyone has posted a Snapchat story in the past 15 minutes, or worrying about what your friend will think if you take the path they might not have. True friends will support any decision, and follow you! The more you worry and care about those things, the more you will become set back. The more you get set back, the more time ticks away that you can’t take back. Don’t sell yourself short. When you are doing so, you are in the absolute worst position you can possibly be in. Know your worth, and know the special qualities you carry. At the end of the day, there is only one person you see in the mirror. That person will ALWAYS be there for you and you know exactly who that is.

It’s okay to be vulnerable and it’s okay to fail. Today, release that true inner storm within your heart that has been held in for so long. Be you and others will admire your beauty. Always know, you are so amazing and you are so special. You are one of a kind. When that fork in the road comes again, which way are you going to go? It is hard to make such a difference right away, but you can start by Taking Today.

Now, get off your dang bed, your chair, or wherever you’re at. Go make a difference in this world, and Seize the day! And remember, you’ll always have me to support you.


  • Laura

    I am so incredibly lucky to call you my son! You have been living by those words since day one and have ALWAYS been there for anyone in need- no matter how big or small. The world is a better place with you in it and you’re not even a fourth done. ?

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