The Roots of Take Today - Jenny Wang

Moving across the pond (ocean) into a foreign culture was not only nerve-wrecking, but also unusually enthralling.

From age 5, I developed a keen eye for enamoring the beauty that underlies amidst the differences.

Inspired by the magnificent being that is life and the environment that molds us – I try to carry a nomadic spirit through traveling roads off the beaten path and meeting the people who fill those towns with culture and life.

I've worked diligently to embody this ideal; developing an online photography blog that explores happiness through the beauty of diversity. Capturing this through my heart, mind and camera lens – I choose to Take Today by opening a humble consciousness with a welcoming and curious endeavor – to learn and showcase to the rest of the world – a simple story of life, the most basic existence of a human being, the roots of a life’s foundation and the branches that groom into a tree of millions.


Take Today,


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